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Baltimore uses Districts instead of Precincts.

Long ago with the narrow dirt streets of Baltimore Town were patroled on foot by our night watch.

Southeast District


Southwest District

The Northwestern District was first opened at Pennsylvania Ave and Lambert Street in 1874

The Northern District was first opened at Keswick and 34th Street (Cedar & Second Streets) on 1 Feb 1900 at 8am

The Northeastern Distirct was first opened at Ashland and Chew Streets (Durham) in 1874

The Eastern District was first located at 1621 Bank Street a building that was built around 1822

Baltimore uses Districts instead of Precincts.

Central District

1826 - Western District History - The Western District was first located at Green St between Baltimore St, and Belvidere St.

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Baltimore United States Sunny, 74 °F
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 7:20 am   |   Sunset: 6:22 pm
38%     11.0 mph     34.372 bar
Thu Low: 50 °F High: 73 °F
Fri Low: 57 °F High: 74 °F
Sat Low: 56 °F High: 75 °F
Sun Low: 59 °F High: 74 °F
Mon Low: 60 °F High: 76 °F
Tue Low: 65 °F High: 72 °F
Wed Low: 57 °F High: 65 °F
Thu Low: 51 °F High: 61 °F
Fri Low: 51 °F High: 63 °F
Sat Low: 53 °F High: 62 °F

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